The Other Side of Security Webinar Series | #2 | Security Analytics is a Team Sport

Defending against security threats is a full-time job. There is a lot to consider--hidden or undiscovered vulnerabilities, lack of skilled resources, and budget constraints. Even when you’ve successfully paired your cybersecurity and security hygiene, no strategy is foolproof. The advantage is in collaboration. It is a more effective means of security than working alone, and it is the best defense against malicious attacks. There is no single tool or security concept that will have a greater impact on the overall cyber landscape than working together as a team.

In this series, Graylog’s panel of experts discussed:

  • Advantages of a collaborative approach to cybersecurity
  • Pairing people + technology for greater success
  • Examples of a collaborative approach

Remember, every goalie has a team.


  • Joe Gross, Director of Solution Engineering
  • Simon Huber, Senior Solution Engineer
  • Jeff Darrington, Senior Technical Marketing Manager