Comprehensive Protection, Zero Cost:

Graylog's Free Security & Log Management Tools

Graylog presents a suite of security tools designed for the discerning IT professional. Graylog API Security, under a free licensed version, discovers the APIs operating in your environment and offers full-fidelity, continuous threat monitoring. Graylog Open, celebrated in the open-source community for being powerful and easy to use, is the cornerstone of log management and analysis.

Graylog Solutions — Free Editions

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Start with the essentials: Continuous API discovery, threat detection, full-fidelity capture of requests and response, and guided remediation — all within 16GB free storage capacity and a single node. 

Graylog Open

Master all your logs with a tool that grows with you. Graylog Open offers endless scalability, simplified for growing IT, Development and Security needs.

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Graylog SMB brings enterprise tools to your small business, capped at 2GB/day of data indexing. When ready, upgrading to our paid version is just a license key change away.

Secure a Path to Tomorrow’s Enterprise Readiness

While our free tools equip you with powerful capabilities to start securing and managing your digital environment more efficiently, we understand the evolving needs of growing businesses. Graylog’s commercial versions — Graylog Enterprise, Graylog Security, Graylog API Security — stand ready to scale as your requirements expand, bringing enhanced enterprise capabilities that grow with you. It’s not just about managing data or securing APIs; it’s about fostering a secure, scalable ecosystem that evolves with your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! At Graylog, we believe in providing fully-functional, value-add tools without the financial burden. Our tools are completely free. We also offer paid plans with additional features. See our pricing page for more details and to compare plans. 

Simply click the “Get Started” button for the free tool you’re interested in, and you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions for download and installation.

Yes, our tools are designed for easy integration with various platforms and systems to ensure a seamless user experience. Please visit Graylog Documentation for more information.

Basic system requirements to run Graylog are detailed in our documentation. Generally, our free tools are compatible with most modern operating systems and browsers.

Graylog API Security – Free Edition is a self-managed private cloud / on-prem solution limited to 1 node and 16GB of local rolling storage (does not include Iceberg connectivity). Once storage capacity is reached, old data is rolled off as new data comes in.

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