Threat Hunting

Unearthing the Hidden Dangers

In today’s rapidly expanding digital realm, organizations are constantly bombarded by cyber threats. The vast majority of these threats remain hidden, often lurking in the shadows of complex IT environments, making effective cyber threat hunting a daunting task. Traditional security measures often miss the mark, leaving businesses vulnerable to breaches that can cause irreparable damage.

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Cyber Threat Hunting the Graylog Way

At Graylog, our comprehensive solutions have been meticulously designed to help you master the challenges associated with accurate threat hunting. Our threat-hunting methodology covers the following:

Log Collection

Normalization, Correlation, & Contextualization

Threat Intelligence & Detection


Incident Investigation

Incident Response and Recovery

Threat Hunting Starts with Graylog Security

Graylog Security can revolutionize how you hunt, respond to, and neutralize cyber threats. Graylog Security can provide a centralized view of your digital environment by aggregating and analyzing logs from various sources in real time.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Graylog Security continually monitors your network’s activity, ensuring that even the most discreet anomalies don’t go unnoticed.

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Streamlined Incident Response

With all relevant data at your fingertips in Graylog Security, your security teams can swiftly identify, understand, prioritize, and respond to threats, minimizing potential damage.

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"The speed and efficiency we are able to search data is outstanding."

Guarding Your Gateways with Graylog API Security

In an era where integrations are the backbone of modern business operations, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a prime target for cybercriminals. Graylog API Security can ensure your gateways are fortified against unauthorized access and malicious activity.

Enhanced Protection for Data Exchanges

Graylog API Security monitors and restricts data flow, ensuring only authorized entities can access critical information.

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Compliance Confidence

As data privacy regulations tighten, Graylog API Security can help you stay compliant by ensuring that data transfers and access meet stringent standards.

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Fusion Reimagined: Graylog Security + Graylog API Security

When Graylog Security and Graylog API Security unite, you are equipped with an unrivaled arsenal against cyber threats. This tandem approach ensures the breadth and depth of coverage, capturing threats at every possible touchpoint.

Holistic View and Control

Combining Graylog Security’s comprehensive monitoring with Graylog API Security’s focused protection provides an all-encompassing view and control of your entire IT environment.

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Unified Threat Intelligence

Leveraging data from Graylog Security and Graylog API Security enhances threat intelligence, allowing for more accurate threat prediction and faster mitigation.

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Ready to Rise Above the Challenge?

The vast landscape of cyber threats is a formidable challenge, with hidden dangers lurking at every corner. While Graylog Security offers a broad view of potential threats and anomalies, Graylog API Security ensures that the critical gateways of modern business remain sealed. Protect your future today by harnessing the combined power of Graylog Security with Graylog API Security.

Learn More About Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting is an active cybersecurity exercise aimed at finding and eliminating cyber attacks that have infiltrated an environment without triggering any alerts. It involves proactive searching beyond known threats and alerts to uncover new, potentially malicious activities that have not yet been detected. This approach is essential for identifying sophisticated adversaries that may be lurking undetected within a network. Built to facilitate efficient investigation into security incidents, Graylog Security is equipped with advanced search capabilities, correlation techniques, and visualization tools to help you delve deep into your logs, allowing your security team to investigate, identify threats, and respond effectively.

Cyber threats refer to any event, intentional or not, that threaten the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of information systems. It can range from phishing attacks, malware infections, unauthorized access to data, and more.

Cyber threat hunting methodologies involve a combination of manual and automated processes where security analysts sift through data using their knowledge and familiarity with the network to hypothesize about potential threats, including lateral movement by threat actors. The process is iterative and can be enhanced with AI/machine learning and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to inform analysts of potential risks.

In cyber threat hunting, indicators are signs or warnings of malicious activity. There are two types of indicators: an Indicator of Compromise and an Indicator of Concern. Indicators of Compromise are reactive and identified by looking inward at data from transaction logs or SIEM data, signaling that a compromise has occurred. Indicators of Concern are proactive and focus on gathering intelligence from publicly available, external sources to anticipate and prepare for potential cyber threats.

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