Graylog Enterprise Log Management

The Art of Centralized Log Management, Mastered.

In the ever-evolving digital world, data is king, and its royal scribe? Logs. Every byte of log data, from the humble server to the grand security systems, tells a story. But, like a library with a million unsorted books, without the right tools, this story remains untold. Enter Graylog Enterprise, centralized log management (CLM) redefined. It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about getting value out of your data.

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The Consequences of Inaction

Network-related outages


are caused by hardware failure (Uptime)

Total business lost


due to not effectively addressing IT performance challenges (DEJ)

Outages experienced


are classified as either serious or severe (Uptime)

Why Choose Graylog Enterprise?

Only the right tool can help you navigate through your data and get the answers you need to nip performance issues in the bud. Graylog Enterprise is built to help transform your IT infrastructure into an optimized, secure, and compliant powerhouse. Here’s what makes it a game-changer:

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Data Enrichment

Operational Efficiency

Automation is the name of the game! Graylog Enterprise accelerates quick problem identification and resolution, reducing downtime and enhancing system performance. Less downtime equals a happier IT team.

Effective Collaboration

Role-based access controls (RBAC) and Team Management capabilities extend Graylog’s value across your organization, allowing teams to collaborate while using the same data sets.

Scalable Architecture

Scalability and Flexibility

Graylog Enterprise can easily adapt to growing data volumes and sprawling IT environments, ensuring consistent and effective log management.


More bang for your buck! Graylog Enterprise automates log management so you can allocate resources to where they really matter.

Data Management
Access Control, Audit Logs, Archiving

Compliance Made Easy

Reporting for regulatory standards? Graylog Enterprise’s comprehensive reporting capabilities help simplify compliance efforts for regulatory standards and audit processes.

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Efficient Data Management

Reduce your TCO with Graylog Enterprise by ensuring optimal storage opportunities with minimal administrative overhead with the following features:

  • Data tiering provides a “warm” storage tier between the traditional “hot” and “cold” levels where data can be placed. This enables less expensive remote or on-prem storage options while providing the same lightning-fast and robust search experience as if data were in “hot” storage.
  • Index field type profiles help manually assign profile types to fields within indices without needing API calls to OpenSearch.
  • Enhanced archival performance helps optimize archive speed and efficiency.
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The Best AX in Town

Built on the Graylog Platform, Graylog Enterprise shines at simplifying day-to-day IT operations activities with straightforward workflows and the industry’s best analyst experience (AX). It moves the needle from “troubleshooting” to “problem-solving” for your IT team while helping improve critical metrics like MTTD and MTTR. Graylog Enterprise is designed to be the keystone of your organization’s IT optimization strategy and a standout in your IT toolset with its performance bottleneck and outage detection capabilities for business-critical systems.


Guided Analyst Workflow

Reduce key metrics like mean time to respond (MTTR) with Graylog Enterprise by quickly resolving the alerts that matter with the following features:

  • An intuitive UI combined with straightforward workflows removes friction, so analysts can quickly access the information needed to solve day-to-day IT challenges quickly.
  • Alert widgets provide analysts with a graceful way to filter and sort open raised alerts for streamlined triage.
  • Search query string history reduces the effort in executing pivot searches or returning to previously unsaved queries.
  • Leverage Graylog Enterprise’s dashboard functionality to build and configure scheduled audit and regulatory compliance reports quickly.
  • A robust REST API provides integration capabilities that make sharing data with other business-critical systems easy, enabling full transparency and collaboration.
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Graylog Enterprise isn’t just a CLM solution; it’s your IT ecosystem’s best friend. It’s both smart and scalable. Say hello to efficient detection, rapid response, and a significantly lowered TCO.

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