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Use Case

Computer & Network Security

Perimeter security using firewalls and malware scanners is no longer enough. Key to modern intrusion prevention is observability and monitoring of all activity in your networks.

Use Case

IT Operations

With Graylog you can centrally collect the syslog and EventLog messages of your complete infrastructure, spot problems early and resolve issues faster. No more logging into multiple devices to parse plain text log files.

Use Case

Development & DevOps

The original use-case of Graylog: Monitoring of distributed applications at any time and on demand. The first sign of any production issue is always elevated rates of exceptions or errors.

"message": {
  "_id": "438d9a92-bccd-11e6-b83b-1cc1de269dc4",
  "message": "ACCEPT TCP ->",
  "timestamp": "2016-12-07T19:45:03.941Z",
  "log_type": "netflow",
  "protocol": "TCP",
  "action": "ACCEPT",
  "src_addr": "",
  "src_port": "38028",
  "src_addr_threat_indicated": false,
  "src_addr_is_internal": true,
  "dst_addr": "",
  "dst_port": "443",
  "dst_addr_threat_indicated": false,
  "dst_addr_is_internal": false,
  "dst_addr_whois_country_code": "US",
  "dst_addr_geolocation": "39.0481,-77.4728",
  "dst_addr_whois_organization": "Amazon Technologies Inc.",
  "mac_address": "1C:C1:DE:26:9D:C4"
Full control and access


Both configuration settings and log data are available through the Graylog REST API. Integrate Graylog seamlessly into your evolving architecture, and build your own reports and analysis.

The REST API is the only dependency of our web interface, so high quality and completeness is guaranteed.

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