Introducing Graylog Labs

We want to introduce you to Graylog Labs, a new Github organization created by the core team at Graylog! Graylog Labs will be the home for all repositories that are not production ready for Graylog. This means most repositories will either be personal side projects from members of the Graylog team or projects that are still in development. We will begin by migrating current developmental repositories from Graylog to Graylog Labs.

Why Graylog Labs?

As Graylog continues to grow, we want to make it easy for you as a user to differentiate between repositories that are ready to use with the latest version of Graylog and those that are still being developed. All projects in the Graylog organization are full-functioning and regularly updated. Graylog Labs can be viewed as repositories that are in the experimental stage.

Can community members contribute to Graylog Labs?

Absolutely! We love and greatly appreciate your involvement with the Graylog project. Please note, we might be slower to respond to issues and pull requests.

Will updates be made to Graylog Labs?

We will monitor the projects and make edits when necessary. However, as it being a side project, not all repositories will be continuously updated to run with the latest version of Graylog.

We are excited about our launch of Graylog Labs and hope you are too. And as always, thank you for being a part of the Graylog Community!

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