Graylog 6.0 to Deliver Effective Enterprise Threat Detection and Response

Graylog Continues to Solve SIEM Challenges Cost-Effectively

HOUSTON and SAN FRANCISCO May 7, 2024—In response to evolving cyber threats, Graylog, a leader in Threat Detection and Incident Response (TDIR), today announces the release of Graylog Security 6.0 to help enterprises combat continuous cyber threats. The updated solution provides intuitive and cost-effective threat detection and incident response capabilities designed to address today’s cybersecurity challenges without the complexity and high costs associated with traditional SIEM platforms.

The Need for Advanced Security

In this era of increasing digital threats, timely and effective response is crucial to prevent serious consequences such as data breaches and financial losses. With cybercrime damages in the U.S. expected to reach over $452 billion this year, organizations urgently need capable and affordable tools to enhance their defenses.

“Today’s organizations face a barrage of cybersecurity challenges and often use a mix of tools that might cover some areas but leave others exposed,” said Andy Grolnick, CEO of Graylog. “With Graylog Security 6.0, our focus extends beyond robust threat detection and response. We’re committed to providing a comprehensive platform that effectively secures enterprises while minimizing total costs, including licensing, infrastructure, and personnel. This approach ensures that our customers enjoy enhanced cyber resilience as well as a lower total cost of ownership.”

Graylog 6.0

While a critical hub of enterprise SOC operations, legacy SIEM platforms often overwhelm users with alerts, force analysts to learn complex query languages, and endure long wait times for search results. The platforms also require complex workflows to investigate security concerns and absorb too much budget across administrative overhead, storage costs and software licensing. Graylog Security 6.0 solves these challenges with capabilities enabling effective and efficient threat detection & response and a superior analyst experience at a significantly lower cost of ownership. With Graylog Security 6.0, practitioners benefit from:

  • Enhanced Threat Detection:  Provides a continuously curated library of vetted security content tied to relevant threat vectors and use cases, partnering with SOCPrime’s expert threat detection labs, making a Graylog deployment immediately useful. The included subscription also ensures customers are leveraging the most current intelligence to get alerts on what matters. 
  • API Security Integration: Integrates Graylog API Security, providing a robust toolkit for uncovering and managing API risks directly within the Graylog platform. API security alerts and risks are presented with actionable guidance.
  • Guided Analyst Workflow: Streamlines security operations with an intuitive interface, efficient workflow and personalized views, identifying critical alerts from calculated risk assessments. Investigations are expedited with generated recommended remediation steps, a dynamic understanding of an issue’s scope and impact, and comprehensive security operations metrics to enhance investigation and response accuracy and speed.
  • Lower TCO via Optimized Data Management: Reduces data storage costs with strategic data tiering and customizable indexing profiles without altering the search experience. This makes managing data more efficient and cost-effective, enabling enterprises to focus resources on growth rather than maintenance. These cost-saving benefits are also available to users of Graylog Enterprise (formerly Graylog Operations).

New Branding, Expanding Capabilities

With the launch of Graylog Security 6.0, the company also introduces a new brand identity that reflects Graylog’s evolution from a pioneer in open source and enterprise log management to a leader in comprehensive Threat Detection and Incident Response (TDIR) solutions. This rebranding highlights Graylog’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design, showcasing a fresh visual palette representing the company’s broader focus on protecting enterprises against the full spectrum of digital threats.

Experience Graylog

To view demos of Graylog’s 2024 Global Infosec Award-winning Graylog Security and Graylog API Security products, visit us at #RSAC 2024, South Expo booth #3124 or visit

Graylog 6.0

About Graylog

Graylog elevates enterprise-level cybersecurity through its comprehensive SIEM, Enterprise Log Management, and API Security solutions. Graylog provides the edge in Threat Detection & Incident Response by centralizing the monitoring of attack surfaces and investigations into those attacks. The company’s unique blend of AI/ML, advanced analytics, and intuitive design makes cybersecurity smarter, not harder. Unlike competitors’ complex, costly setups, Graylog offers power and affordability, simplifying security and operational challenges. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, and now headquartered in Houston, Texas, Graylog is deployed in over 180 countries. Learn more at, or connect with us on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.

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