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You are a small, but mighty business with sophisticated needs that go beyond our open source offering. Graylog gets it. 

Built on the Graylog Enterprise Platform, Graylog Small Business combines IT Ops & Cybersecurity capabilities in an all-in-one log management solution ideal for organizations with less than 50 employees.

In the face of rising cyber threats, organizations urgently need efficient threat detection and incident response (TDIR). A robust SIEM solution is essential, not optional, for CISOs tackling the dual challenges of sophisticated cyber-attacks and cost management. Without it, companies risk data breaches, financial loss, and reputational damage. Effective SIEM systems provide comprehensive visibility and advanced analytics, which are crucial for defending against cybercriminals and ensuring business continuity.


  • Intuitive UI and User Workflows: Graylog Small Business comes pre-configured with robust point-and-click visualizations, search templates, investigation workflows, and an intuitive alert and correlation customization wizard. Increase visibility and quickly identify important or suspicious patterns in machine data as you hunt for cyberthreats and performance issues.


  • Powerful Search and Filter Capabilities for Easier Troubleshooting: Graylog Small Business is designed to parse terabytes of data in seconds, quickly find data in real-time.


  • Bring Your Log Data to Life with Visualization Capabilities: Easily visualize your log data via an interactive stream to identify potential issues in real-time.


  • Identify Priority Events in a Sea of Alerts: The Graylog Small Business alert engine makes it easy to filter out the noise so you can focus on the security events that really matter, reducing alert fatigue and maximizing productivity.


  • Easily Level Up: As your organization and log data ingestion needs grow, move to Graylog Operations or Graylog Security (or both) to solve additional IT Operations or Cybersecurity challenges.     
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Getting Started with Graylog Small Business

Install Graylog Open via our DEB or RPM packages


Install Graylog Open via our DEB or RPM packages

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Once you've installed Graylog Open and downloaded the Enterprise Plugin, fill out this form to generate your <2GB Graylog Small Business License Key.

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