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In this video, we will go over the Graylog reporting feature, a convenient way to collect all your data and output it to an email or display it in the dashboard.


One thing to note about reports is that they are based upon the widgets that are found inside of the dashboards. In the video, you can see the different widgets that are shown in a sample dashboard, which will be used later to create that specific report.

To get to the reports, you should go underneath the “Enterprise” menu and click on the “Reports” tab. Here, you can create a new report by clicking on the “Create Report” button and then typing the title or subtitle of your choice (even a custom logo if you want). Then, you can add all the different widgets and finally create your report.


If you go back to the previous menu, you can click on the blue “Configuration” button to set a few additional parameters. These parameters include the frequency, i.e., how often do you want this report to be sent on you (such as one each day in the morning). You can also set your own subject well as anything additional you want in the email body.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see there are two different destinations for your emails. “User recipients” are the Graylog users that will be alerted using the names you choose when you log on to your web interface. “Email recipients,” instead, is used to add some email address where you will send the reports. On the right, you will see a quick overview of how that report is going to look like based upon the widgets that you selected.

As you can see, reports are a nice and straightforward Graylog feature that is very easy to use. Happy logging!