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ISS GEO Tracking with Graylog

This is a transcript of “ISS GEO Tracking with Graylog.”

Hello, Jeff, Darrington, Senior Technical Marketing manager at Graylog. I’m going to show you this video to highlight theability to choose geo mapping when updating your dashboards.

Geo Mapping & Remote Users

Geo mapping data is useful to find out where remote users log in through VPN, for example, or cloud services that we include in our Illuminate content for Okta and O365 spotlights. We can map by utilizing the MaxMind database as a GEOIP lookup tool. As you see here on our website, and I can figure that up, or if you’re even receiving raw longitude and latitude data from a particular source, we can do that as well.

Let’s Do It

Let’s step forward into logging some real GEO longitude latitude data geo data is used every day for many things, tracking vehicle fleets, assets, tracking, shipments, and a variety of other things. I found one great source and that’s through an API and an input and Graylog for the International Space Station tracking in real time and it’s orbit around earth.

So I decided to bring this into a dashboard. First, what we did was created an input for the actual source. We created a pipeline, a stream, and an index had them all connected. And then finally creating a rule. This rule is set up to take the longitude and latitude and enrich it into a Graylog enabled schema and a field name source-geo -coordinates, and then finally seeing the data in real time. As you’ll see here, three passes so far, almost three passes going around the globe in my widget. As you’ll see here, I’ve included the source geo coordinates field. However, clicking on this field, I’ve created a number of values of 6,000. This would then return values for an extended period of time. Getting your trailing results that you see in the map.

This is just one more thing you can do in Graylog and utilize it for many things and inputs and data.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this example of geo coordinates for the International Space Station tracking as always happy logging with Graylog.