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What’s new in Graylog 5.2

Graylog V5.2 is here!

The brand new version of Graylog, v5.2, is here and ready to provide the most up-to-date log management and SIEM experience yet. Get ready for fantastic new features and an improved user interface.

This update ensures a more streamlined and efficient approach to log management, giving you the best version of Graylog ever. Brand New!
– Introducing Asset Registration: a seamless way to add machines or users.
– Dive into the streamlined Pipeline Rule Wizard.
– Witness the refined auto-assignments of the Sidecar.Made Better!
– Fortify your defenses with improved Sigma Rule capabilities.
– Navigate the fine-tuned Investigations slider for better alert management.
– Stay updated with integrated RSS Feeds for crucial tech news.:calendar:

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