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Auf Wiedersehen Vegas

I crawled off the burnt couch and went down to the kitchen for a breakfast of champions. Back in the room, I caught the closing of Defcon 28. It was all fanfare and stats…

  • Defcon Discord members – 21,252
  • Gary’s nap hours – 22,000

JK, I was awake and lurking more than you know.

Final CTF Stats –

8M @graylog2 queries

91K+ scoreboard submissions

800+ participants

500+ challenges

350+ teams

260GB+ PCAPs

150GB+ endpoint telemetry

10K+ @osquery queries

20+ hours of content

And The Winner Is . . .

Cat congrats to the OpenSOC Blue Team CTF winners

1st Place: Team EH6 (shawn, snoopy, Ericreeses, Rewzilla, n1ghthawk1)

2nd Place: Team DEEZ TOTS (JJP, diesel, mimi_sec, chichikov)

3rd Place: Team DFIR_Against_The_Dark_Arts (S3curityN3rd, Milkman, trophicalph1sh, Mr.Forensics)

Caption the Photo

A lot of great entries for Lennart on the table. These are my favorite.

  • Trying to get a better view of the Splunk booth
  • I make Graylog run but miller lite makes me run…
  • Why is everyone staring at me?



The Long Road Back

The car was towed. No word from Lennart these past few days. Was I in trouble? Did he replace me with an inferior model? I wallowed in my ennui for what seemed like hours.


Sleep always brings me the best ideas (Graylog features amongst other things). I remembered the brochure on the coffee table said, “Charter a plane and go anywhere in the world.”

I still had the Amex card.

“Larry, pack the bowls, we’re going home.”




Before I sign off, want some Graylog swag? I know where they stash the good stuff. Raise your paw, fill out the form (I need to know where to send it). Larry and I will hack into the Marketing Closet later this week. We need a few naps to recover from our adventures.

It’s a Wrap

Back where I belong. Dreaming up new features from the deets I collected trolling the channels on Discord. Stay tuned. It’s going to be huge. If the marketing team is on the ball, they’ll name it “Graylog v.catsmeow.”


“To err is human, to purr is feline.”

Auf wiedersehn, my Defcon friends. Until we meet again. So long and thanks for all the mice.


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Gary is a cat, which considering you’re reading this on the Graylog blog, makes complete sense. Gary is best known for dreaming up cool new features for Graylog while resting on Lennart Koopmann’s lap. He’s also known for sunbathing, bird watching, and swatting at the occasional piece of string. Gary enjoys napping, as should all right-thinking people. He’s agreed to stay mostly awake during Defcon 28 to write daily reports about the conference.

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