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Announcing v2.0-alpha: Welcome to the new Graylog

This is the first time we’ve released such an early alpha version of a Graylog release. You may see this as a sign that we’ve achieved new levels of awesomeness, but in truth, there were simply so many cool new features that we just couldn’t keep it in anymore.

We don’t want to give away all the details just yet in this Alpha blog post, but we will say that 2.0 marks a new milestone in the evolution of Graylog. We believe existing infrastructure management solutions will not be able to keep up with the modern data center. In a world of microservices and containers, log data will become the point of truth for understanding the entire picture of your infrastructure. Your log management solution should be flexible, extensible, and have the ability to become fully customized to your evolving architecture.

On the surface, many things will look and feel the same in Graylog. However, we have built powerful new functionality that will be the foundation of Graylog as the leading open source log management platform for 2016 and beyond. We hope you continue to join us in this journey.

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This Alpha release is very far from feature complete, but a few big changes are ready to be tested, and we would definitely appreciate your help! Please submit issues at our GitHub graylog-server repo.

New documentation for 2.0 is also in progress, and we could use some help filling in the gaps as you explore the new version. If you’re interested in contributing to documentation for 2.0, please submit content at our GitHub documentation repo.

And finally, below are the first new features in this early release. We’ll be announcing many more new features with each subsequent release.


We are now serving the web interface directly from graylog-server, and we have removed the extra graylog-web-interface process.

With this unification of Graylog’s web interface and server processes, plugins now have the ability to include user interface components. The Graylog web interface becomes extensible by plugins, opening up endless possibilities for customization. You now have the power to make use of everything that Graylog has to offer today, while extending it with both back-end and front-end features at the same time. Many of the new Graylog features are being written as plugins, so you can be sure that the workflow of writing plugins will be rock solid (we are still working on updating documentation).


We’re working on a completely new extensible message processing pipeline, which will be available along with more information in a later alpha release.


We now support Elasticsearch 2.x, so go ahead and upgrade to take full advantage of all the new goodness. Previous versions of Elasticsearch are no longer supported.


We spent a lot of time making improvements based on user feedback, as well as general bug fixes.


Graylog v2.0 Alpha can be downloaded from here.

Our virtual appliance in OVA format has also been updated for this release.

Docker and DEB/RPM packages are not yet available for this first alpha release.


We need feedback about what’s working and what’s broken in order to help everyone get the most out of Graylog 2.0. There are a variety of ways to provide feedback, all of which can be found on our community resources page:

We’re super excited about releasing 2.0, and we value your feedback. So please go try out the Alpha and let us know what you think!

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