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Today we are excited to announce Graylog Illuminate v1.2. 

This release includes the addition of Identity Access and Management (IAM) content, which includes pre-built dashboards for visibility into user account management. Illuminate v1.2 also comes with a number of enhancements that improve the user experience by adding more flexibility and efficiency to authentication activities and best practices. 


Illuminate v1.2 expands authentication to include the processing of IAM events and it comes with pre-built dashboards for visualization of all your user account activities.

Every IT Operation wants to know what is going on in the company environment. This includes monitoring certain groups and accounts (e.g., domain admins) to see any modifications that are taking place, any interesting events, etc.  The IAM dashboards take the event processing and provide a visual representation of groups and active directory adding an extra layer of security and making analysis fast. 


We have improved the user experience by adding a new processing stream that applies normalization to all windows event logs. This eliminates the need to memorize fields and it makes search faster and easier because you can use the same search parameters for core fields regardless of what event log they’re in. 


Geo location now has its own dashboard tab. This creates additional dashboard space for those who are not tracking Geo location and it provides more comprehensive information for those who are.


  • Proper categorization of Kerberos service ticket requests
  • IP Processing will no longer log an error when attempting to process IPv6 addresses

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