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Announcing Graylog Enterprise v1.2

NOTE: Graylog has made many updates to the application since this release. We encourage you to update to the latest version and take advantage of the large number of new features and functionality.

We are happy to announce Graylog Enterprise v1.2!

Last week in our 2.1 GA announcement, we mentioned that we had exciting news for Graylog Enterprise users coming soon.

This Graylog Enterprise v1.2 release includes a brand new feature, an Audit Log plugin, which tracks user changes and is quite valuable for compliance purposes. We also released a new feature, Stream Selection, in the Archive plugin that will save you storage space by allowing you to select which streams you wish to archive.


Graylog Enterprise users will be receiving an email with links to download. Please
check your inbox.

Not a Graylog Enterprise user yet? Check out our Graylog Enterprise page for more information.

Let’s review the new features:


Our audit log plugin was built based on your request! Many of our Enterprise users working in larger companies needed an audit log for compliance purposes.

This Audit Log plugin keeps track of changes made by users to a Graylog system by
automatically saving them in MongoDB.

The plugin also includes a section in the web interface where you can view your stored events, search for specific events with an advanced query language, and export the results into a JSON or CSV file.

Please check our documentation to get a full view of the capabilities of our audit log plugin.


The latest feature in our Archive plugin is the possibility of selecting
which streams should be included in your archives.

With stream selection, you will be able to save storage space by filtering out the streams that
you do not wish to archive, while saving messages from other streams. We designed this feature so new streams will be automatically archived, ensuring that you do not lose any messages that you may want to keep.

In addition, we improved the Archive plugin so that it is compatible with Graylog 2.1.x and
fixed issues that were present in the previous version.

We hope you enjoy Enterprise v1.2 and truly appreciate your continued support!

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