InfoSecurity Magazine OpEd: Balancing Budgets & Risk in Midsize Enterprises

June 5, 2023 – InfoSecurity Magazine features an enlightening opinion piece by Jim Nitterauer, Director of Information Security at Graylog, Inc. The article “#HowTo: Balance Cybersecurity Budgets and Risk in Midsize Enterprises” provides critical insights for CIOs and CISOs managing cybersecurity in midsize enterprises.


Key takeaways from the article include:


  • Think Outside the Box: Open your mind to new, creative ways to reach your goals. Support the business operation and protect corporate, customer, and employee data1.
  • Think Automation: Focus on cost-effective security solutions and automation. Save time by reducing manual processes wherever possible1.
  • Think Scalability: Plan your processes for thousands of users, even if you only have a few hundred. Avoid increasing technical debt by ignoring scalability1.
  • Overcoming Challenges and Moving Forward: Be resilient, maintain situational awareness, and plan for the unexpected. Engage the entire organization in securing the enterprise1.


To learn more about balancing cybersecurity budgets and risk, read the full article here.




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