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Dir. Solution Engineering Joe Gross: Risk Assessments for Mid-Enterprise in CyberDefense Magazine

“Risk Assessments Critical to Securing Mid-Market Organizations”  |  CyberDefenseMagazine  |  March 2023


Undoubtedly, 2023 will bring more data disruption through increasingly aggressive cybersecurity attacks. Whether it be in sectors that still have legacy systems in place or industries also experiencing disruption – no industry will be spared. From the continued “unprecedented” economic situation to dealing with the rapidly changing attack surface, the “do more with less” has been turned up to 11.  

Mid-market organizations have been squeezed between greater visibility and demands that come with a larger workforce but fewer resources than are typically available in a large enterprise. 

So how do mid-market organizations step up security? 

In a recent Cyber Defense Magazine article, Joe Gross, Director of Solutions Engineering at Graylog, argues that cybersecurity risk assessments are invaluable in combating cyber threats. And when utilized correctly, these tools can combat cybersecurity challenges – from broad strategy decisions to essential prioritization of tasks – and they often can mean the difference between making smart, effective investments and leaving organizations vulnerable due to a patchwork security posture.

For a deeper dive, read the full article: Risk Assessments Critical to Securing Mid-Market Organizations in 2023, page 155.

[Note: CDM publishes the e-Mag in PDF format – requires registration and download]



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