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Unlocking Value from Data

Across the Organization

Check out these sessions from the Graylog GO 2023 User Conference where our experts share how unlocking value from data across an organization is possible with Graylog. Purpose-built for modern log analytics, the capabilities and features of Graylog Operations help remove complexity from day-to-day analysis activities so you can quickly and easily find meaning in data and take action faster.

All in the Family: Architecting and Managing Shared Graylog Clusters

If you have been highly successful in your Graylog deployment, you are going to run into a problem; others are going to want you to help solve their problems as well. Luckily, Graylog can be architected to let you share the love. In this session, we will explore some common use cases for running Graylog in shared clusters and how to deploy and manage them at scale. If you are interested in permissions, charge-back, or multi-tenancy, then this session is for you!

Log Wrangling: Make Your Logs Work For You

Are you getting all the value you can from your logs? Are you getting all the logs you need? There are several ways you can maximize the utility of the logs you collect and make sure you’re getting what you need to meet your use case(s). Join Chris Black from Graylog for a discussion of how to get the most from your log collection. He will cover several topics, including enriching log data, parsing log messages, normalizing logs, reducing log volume, organizational policies to reduce uncontrolled log growth, and creating organic feedback mechanisms to keep collection aligned with business goals.