Threat Detection & Incident Response Done Right.

SIEM | API Security | Log Management

Threat Detection & Incident Response Done Right

Effective & Efficient

High fidelity alerts that matter, prioritized by risk. Data to detection to decision in minutes.

Best Analyst Experience

Superior workflow that is intuitive, efficient and enjoyable.

Lowest Overall TCO

The optimal blend of licensing, people and infrastructure costs.

The Graylog Platform
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Graylog Solutions

Graylog Security

Graylog Security delivers on the promise of SIEM without all the complexity, alert fatigue, and high costs.

Graylog Enterprise

Graylog Enterprise is centralized log management for IT Operations and DevOps teams, built on the Graylog platform. 

Graylog API Security

The ultimate solution for end-to-end API threat monitoring, detection, and response. Graylog API Security offers discovery and protection for your business-critical APIs.

Built to open-source standards, Graylog Open is a self-managed, SSPL-licensed centralized log management solution designed for log data aggregation, analysis, and management.

EVALUATING SIEM SOLUTIONS? Graylog customers achieve up to 263% ROI!

Read the ESG report for an in-depth economic validation analysis of Graylog Security, a leading SIEM solution. Based on customers’ feedback, the report examines Graylog Security across key dimensions such as simplicity, functionality, scalability, service offered, and ROI.
  • Operational Efficiency: Graylog can be operated by teams up to 20% smaller vs. previously deployed SIEM
  • Cost Savings: Graylog provides up to a 90% savings over no SIEM and 20% savings over using an alternative on-premises SIEM
  • Risk Mitigation: Graylog lowers cybersecurity, compliance audits & fines, and IT downtime risks by up to 10%

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