Extend Visibility With Log View

Hello in this feature video, we are going to show you a new feature called log view in version of 4.1. So let’s get into a system here and you’ll see, I am logging for a particular source. So I’ve done a search for Graylog two, and I’m looking at all the SIS log messages coming. So to add log view, you click here under the widget area, click and add log view. You’ll see this new window populate. And the default fields are timestamp source and message. And in the message, it pushes the raw message into this line, and it allows you to actually go in each field and select what fields you might want to see in log view. 

As an example, I want to add the application names that are coming up in the logs. And I’ll say that, you’ll see it, add it to the list at the end.

Reorder Your Logs

If you want to reorder these, it’s very simple. You just go in and edit and I want to move the application name just after source. So I’m going to reorder them and apply the changes. Now that the changes are reapplied. You’ll see this now populated in the log view.


The other thing you can do in log view is in the top right-hand corner. There’s a feature here called a focus. This widget, if you want it to expand very quickly and look at more logs that have been streaming along this line, click this feature and it will expand the logs and you can scroll back or forward, depending on what logs are in there. You can close it. The nice feature, uh, with this is you can save this in your saved searches on your dashboards and expanding. This does not affect making changes to your dashboard or your search.

Final Thoughts

So it’s a feature embedded within the window itself, and you can look at the expanded view and shrink the view very quickly. This is a very handy feature for a lot of environments in dev ops and other security teams where they’re watching very specific logs and you can tailor this log. So you can look at very specific things. You might be very knowledgeable in a given area, and you’ll want to watch these logs and you know what you’re looking for. And it’s really handy to have this on the screen populating in real-time, as you’ll see the newest messages at the bottom of the screen of the scroll window, and it will continually scroll as the messages are coming into our log. Hopefully, that’s a great feature you can start using. And Graylog 4.1. Thank you for joining us and happy login with Graylog.