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Graylog Announces 2nd Annual Graylog GO User Conference

HOUSTON — August 3, 2022 — Graylog, a global provider of next-generation log management and SIEM solutions, today announced it will host its Second Annual Graylog GO User Conference. The one-day virtual conference, to be held on Wednesday, September 14th, will deliver over 25 educational and best practices sessions with a wide range of topics, including the latest approaches to SIEM and log management – relevant for security analysts, IT Managers, CISOs, software developers, and other industry roles – from beginners to experts.

“With the second annual Graylog GO Conference around the corner, we are excited to engage with many of our more than 200,000+ IT and Security professionals who use Graylog every day to provide them with educational resources and new and innovative ways to use our products,” said Lennart Koopmann, founder and CTO of Graylog. “We will share tips, tricks, and insight for every level of user so that they may gain essential knowledge to unlock answers from their data.”

Whether it’s a high-level strategy to get the most out of a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution, the many ways that Graylog solves operations problems, or explaining what regulatory, contract and liability really mean in the context of cybersecurity, Graylog will offer a wide array of sessions presented by Graylog management, employees, partners, and users. Andy Grolnick, Graylog’s CEO, will kick things off with fun facts and useful tidbits about the Graylog Nation and update Graylog users on all the latest happenings since the 2021 Graylog User Conference.

The Graylog GO Keynoteaddress will be co-presented by Dr. Sameer Bhalotra, Co-Founder and CEO of ActZero, co-chair of the Cyber Policy Task Force under the 45dministration of the United States, and Mike Alvarez, Digital Forensics Examiner for the U.S. Secret Service Cyber Fraud Task Force Houston Field Office. Both experts will depict how the U.S. government remains on the cutting edge of cybersecurity policy, including explaining the Government’s past hits and misses leading to the rise of the global ransomware industry, as well as dive into the Secret Service’s new tactics to combat ransomware, engage AI defenses and what private-sector players can do to stay safe.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Bhalotra and Mike Alvarez, renowned experts in government cybersecurity practices, provide our Graylog GO attendees with a rare firsthand look at what goes into our government’s cybersecurity policies and tactics,” said Andy Grolnick, CEO of Graylog. “This one-of-a-kind keynote will both fascinate and educate.”

For more information on the Graylog GO User Conference and to register for the conference, visit Graylog Go.


Graylog is a leader in log management and Security Information Event Management (SIEM), making the world and its data more efficient and secure. Built by practitioners with the practitioner in mind, Graylog unlocks answers from data for thousands of IT and security professionals who solve security, compliance, operational, and DevOps issues every day. Deployed in more than 50,000 installations worldwide, Graylog is an award-winning platform built for speed and scale in capturing, storing, and enabling real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data. Graylog eliminates the noise and delivers an exceptional user experience by making data analysis, threat hunting, detection, and incident investigation fast and efficient using a more cost-effective and flexible architecture.  For more information, visit https://graylog.org, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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