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Customer Success and Graylog

At Graylog, we believe customer success is about delivering value to our customers. It’s that simple. This is why we are excited to announce our new Customer Success Program. 

Delivering Value to Our Customers 

Customer success is at the heart of our business. Ensuring that our customers experience value at every step of their journey is what drives us. How do we do this? We understand centralized log management. The nuances. The potential. It’s what we do. Our accumulated knowledge is the foundation of the support we offer our customers.


Our rapid growth over the last several years has made it clear that for us to continue delivering value to our customers, we need a dedicated team to partner with our customers in a more proactive way.

The Graylog Customer Success Program

The Graylog Customer Success Program is made up of a team of log management experts. Everyday our Customer Success Team works to build trust with our customers through communication, enablement, and teamwork. We collect valuable feedback from our customers, including product expectations, use cases, wish lists ( all with the aim of better aligning our understanding and approach with customer objectives and collecting information on potential product improvements. 

The customer success team is 100% focused on customer experience. The team’s sole focus is to make sure customers get off to a fast start and know where to find educational resources, including  such as education, documentation, how-to videos and webinars. The team will meet regularly with customers to make sure everything stays on track, they are aware of new releases, the latest features, new content, events, and more.

Looking Ahead

 Our new Customer Success Program goals are high, but the customer feedback we’ve received already reflects the momentum of our program and our commitment to driving more value for our customers — now and in the future.

Graylog Enterprise customers be on the lookout for emails or phone calls from your dedicated Customer Success Representative over the next several weeks!

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