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Defcon 28 – Friday Fun

Gary here.

The bed was empty. The couch was cold. I had to call room service to deliver a box to sleep in. Turns out the man in the suit is more reliable than a human at 2 AM. The box was purrrfect.

Friday morning, up at 8, I started my day hacking the hotel kitchen. You think the Palace kitchen is clean? Uh no. Mice everywhere. A veritable smorgasbord.


I was full, I had a quick jog in the Juno Garden, then back to the room for a nap on the cold couch. The cleaners had already made the bed and removed my box.

CTF Contest

In between the Quark Engine and OuterHaven presentations, I made a friend in the #threat-hunting channel. His name is Larry. We decided to team up for a day of hacking, lurking, and napping.


Guess what? While all of you are cracking the scenarios, we’re hacking your answers. Are you sure you answered Littlefoot’s questions? Mimikatz…just like I slurped up that mouse in the kitchen this morning: The wide-eyed cook grimaced at the sound of crunching bones and the wiggling tail that disappeared in my mouth. I glanced at him with disdain and sauntered off without leaving a trace. Not even a foot. Think about that as your team cracks code with confidence.


The Graylog team is on fire. BTW.



Busy day but I did make it to the workshop “Hunt Adversaries Using Attack Lifecycle” where I ran into Nick Carstensen, Graylog’s Product Manager for Security & Integrations. Apparently he has a CISSP. Felines are worshiped as gods. Try to earn that certificate.

Back to Nick. He does write well, I’ll give him that. If you go to the Graylog website, type Nick Carstensen into the search, you’ll find a lot of great blog posts to read while relaxing.

The information in the workshop was well laid out and presented well. The takeaway was slides with enough info to mess you up a bit more in the contest.

Speaking of contests, whoever captioned the photo of Lennart in the boxing gear in front of my carload of booze, nice work! I’ll let you in on a family secret. Lennart puts on American flag hot pants and shadow boxes in the living room to Daddy Cool.

Nighttime Fun

I won big at Blackjack and offered to pay for Larry’s nose job if he accompanied me to an underground metal club.


In the spirit of Defcon, we went incognito. It was my one chance to hear some real music. When I get home, it’s back to short shorts and disco.

What’s happening on Caturday?

Big purrty in my room. Costco does deliveries. Looks like Amex has no spending limit.



It’s a Wrap Until Tomorrow

Another wise person once said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”


The offer still stands for my playlist.


Drop in the Graylog channel. You might even find me there. But now, I need another nap.


Happy Caturday!



About the Author


Gary is a cat, which considering you’re reading this on the Graylog blog, makes complete sense. Gary is best known for dreaming up cool new features for Graylog while resting on Lennart Koopmann’s lap. He’s also known for sunbathing, bird watching, and swatting at the occasional piece of string. Gary enjoys napping, as should all right-thinking people. He’s agreed to stay mostly awake during Defcon 28 to write daily reports about the conference.


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