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Securing the API Attack Surface

Organizations across industries improve their productivity, innovation, and customer service with an increase in web, mobile, and cloud applications leveraging microservices architectures. But this brings an increase in APIs connecting application components and resources. Organizations rate APIs as the element in the cloud-native stack most susceptible to attack, and attacks stemming from insecure APIs were the most commonly identified cybersecurity incident tied to cloud-native app development over the last 12 months. As the number of APIs continues to grow, security risk increases.

As a result, organizations need effective API security solutions to reduce risk as cloud-native development scales and help their teams discover, manage, configure, monitor, and protect their APIs to keep pace with modern software development. To gain further insight into these trends, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 397 IT, cybersecurity, and application development professionals at organizations in North America (US and Canada) responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing API security solutions.