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v4.1.4 & v4.0.12 Release Pulled

We’ve discovered that the Graylog RPM packages contained a blank systemd unit file. As a result, we have pulled these two releases. If you have already upgraded your Graylog platform to versions 4.1.4 or 4.0.12, you will need to downgrade. Below we have outlined two options for how to do this. 

How to Downgrade

Downgrade using your system package manager by using something like:

yum downgrade graylog-server graylog-enterprise-plugins graylog-integrations-plugins graylog-enterprise-integrations-plugins

How to Manually Edit

If you are taking the manual edit route, you will need to edit your systemd unit file located at /usr/lib/systemd/system/graylog-server.service to include the following:


Description=Graylog server










# When a JVM receives a SIGTERM signal it exits with 143.


# Make sure stderr/stdout is captured in the systemd journal.




After editing the unit file, run  systemctl daemon-reload to have systemd read the changes. Once you’ve run that command, you can start Graylog back up using:

 sudo systemctl start graylog-server.service  

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