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Graylog Marketplace: 80+ Add-Ons and Growing

After a month in beta, we’re excited to announce the official launch of Graylog Marketplace. A big thanks to the beta users who have downloaded add-ons, contributed your own add-ons, and helped spread the word.


Graylog Marketplace is the new destination to download and contribute pluggable extensions to help address specific use cases. We don’t want you going on long scavenger hunts through outdated blogs and GitHub gists to find the add-ons and extensions you need.

It’s now fast and easy to find Graylog add-ons in one central place. Since the Marketplace is integrated with Github, it’s also super fast and easy to contribute and manage your own add-ons. There’s also a rating and commenting functionality to encourage feedback. Graylog Marketplace is an extension of our growing ecosystem that will facilitate collaboration and creativity.

We’re not stopping there. Pretty soon the Marketplace will be integrated into the Graylog web interface. With just one click, you will soon be able to support a specific log source or add an integration (like Slack).


Over the past month, we’ve migrated all existing Graylog add-ons to the Marketplace. Many of you have also submitted content (thanks!).

There are four different types of content in the Marketplace:

If you’re new to the Graylog Marketplace, here are six popular add-ons you could check out first:


The Marketplace is in its early days, which means now is a great time to become a top contributor. If you’ve already developed your own Graylog extensions for personal use, sharing your content to the Marketplace could save someone hours or days, and earn you a ton of Graylog karma. You only need 5 minutes to become a community hero.

Not sure what to contribute? Here is a Most Wanted List of popular integrations for inspiration. Let us know if you think something is missing.

Contributing your content is easy. All the info can be found here.

If you’ve made it this far, stop reading and visit the Marketplace to extend your Graylog setup today.

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