Graylog Collector v0.3.0 Is Now Available!

Graylog Collector v0.3.0 is a feature and bug fix release. We strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version if you are running an earlier version.


This version introduces wildcard/globbing support for file inputs. It greatly simplifies the configuration of file inputs and allows you to collect dynamically generated logs.

The following configuration example shows how to configure a file input for globbing.

inputs {
// File input that collects all Apache access and error logs
// in the /var/log/apache2 directory.
apache-logs {
type = “file”
path-glob-root = “/var/log/apache2”
path-glob-pattern = “*.{access,error}.log

// Regular file input that collects logs from one file.
syslog {
type = “file”
path = “/var/log/syslog”

Please refer to our Collector documentation for details.


This release includes several bug fixes that improve the performance and stability. If you configured the Collector to read many files, you might have run into stability issues, file descriptor problems or memory issues. These issues should be fixed now. Please let us know if you still see problems.



Please report any bugs you find or questions you have through one of our community support channels. Feature ideas are welcome in our product idea portal.

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