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Want to learn more about Graylog? Looking for actionable advice from industry experts?

Then Graylog GO is the perfect event for you! From a seasoned Graylog veteran to a brand-new user, there are many ways to unlock Graylog GO’s benefits: submit a paper to speak, register for the conference, or take advantage of the optional $195 Threat Hunting class. Secure your place today and discover what this unique event offers!


Unlock the Benefits of Graylog GO

Are you looking to get the most out of Graylog? If so, then Graylog GO is the perfect event for you! At this fantastic annual event, attendees learn how to

  1. maximize the capabilities of the Graylog platform
  2. gain actionable advice and insights from top industry professionals
  3. network with other users
  4. use new-to-them capabilities and Graylog best practices

Plus, get exclusive access to keynotes, tutorials, and more.

Graylog GO is a great chance to learn from industry experts and each other. You can explore best practices in logging and monitoring, gain valuable insights into threat-hunting techniques, discover new use cases for your organization’s data analytics efforts, and much more.

Who Should Go to Graylog GO?

For those interested in the Graylog platform, Graylog GO is the can’t-miss event of the year. With one of the most popular free-and-open log management platforms available today, cybersecurity and IT practitioners attend GO from all over the world.

Graylog Security customers share tips about features like Sigma Rules, Anomaly Detection, and Threat Intelligence. It is an excellent opportunity for those looking to leverage all Graylog offers to ensure maximum protection against cyber threats in the future.

Security analysts can also learn cutting-edge techniques and get hands-on training from seasoned professionals in the optional $195 Threat Hunting pre-conference class. Participants will learn to develop better strategies for identifying potential threats before they become serious problems.

IT professionals will also benefit from this conference, which offers invaluable guidance on managing log data and analytics effectively with Graylog’s user-friendly interface. Further, IT professionals can discover upcoming releases, such as enhanced alerting and improved scalability for their systems.

Secure Your Spot at Graylog GO Today

Secure your spot at Graylog GO today and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources for cybersecurity and IT professionals who use Graylog. This premier event is the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your Graylog investment, with three tracks of virtual sessions over 1.5 days, plus the optional $195 in-person Threat Hunting class.

With just 30 seats available for in-person attendance, those who wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity must act fast – please secure your place at Graylog GO today! Virtual attendance is also limited to ensure an optimal live viewing experience, so take advantage of this important annual event.

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