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Post Contest Purrrty

It’s not pretty folks. The aftermath of a successful purrrty never is… but let’s press pause on that and talk about Caturday first.



Capture the Flag

The day was all about the contest.

Day 1 Recap:

– 806 authorized nodes on ZeroTier

– 350 Teams registered on the scoreboard

– 42,157,439 events in Graylog

See that number for events? Another family secret. Graylog has this feature called correlation engine. What you might now know is I am the inspiration behind it. For a week, I snuck out of the house at different times of the day and night. Next I switched up the routine to sneaking out at the same time on different days.


A week of this then Lennart and I had meow. He had an Aha! If we put these events together, we’ll see a pattern. Fire an alert. Prevent chaos. Protect the business. The Correlation engine was born.

It really should be called the Gary Engine.

deep_learning Came in at 47

Larry and I might have hacked too far when trying to get Graylog into the final round of Capture the Flag. 47 still a number to chirp over.

The Purrrty

The Clowder gathered in my room for a pre party celebration of team deep-learning’s success. We sat with bowls of milk in front of the curved OLED watching Sir David Attenborough’s documentary, “The Life of Birds,” (the Amex purchases are adding up…). The last thing I remember is doing heavy cream shots.

This morning, I woke up first. A ring was on my paw. (I hope it was that girl on the blue couch.)

Next I discovered that I was missing an incisor (still am). Larry was nowhere to be found. His box was missing. We found his microchip on the bar. Someone burned the cold couch (not sure if that is such a bad thing). Oh, and there’s a tiger in the bathroom…

The Investigation

With a pounding headache, angry and suspicious, I checked the logs. Graylog’s Sales guy Q loaded the rental wagon on Wednesday and it looks like he poured the cream shots at the party. This guy slides past valets, security, and through packed casinos like Danny Ocean, but I have the logs. I’ll take care of him when I get back to Houston.

It’s a Wrap Until Tomorrow

All I know today is I missed the mask contest. Check it out. I would have won!



“If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.” I won’t even tell you who said that.

I withdraw the offer for my playlist.


Drop in the Graylog channel. You won’t find me there. Today I’m napping it off.



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Gary is a cat, which considering you’re reading this on the Graylog blog, makes complete sense. Gary is best known for dreaming up cool new features for Graylog while resting on Lennart Koopmann’s lap. He’s also known for sunbathing, bird watching, and swatting at the occasional piece of string. Gary enjoys napping, as should all right-thinking people. He’s agreed to stay mostly awake during Defcon 28 to write daily reports about the conference.

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