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Announcing Graylog v2.3.0-rc.2

We just released Graylog v2.3.0-rc.2! This is the second release candidate for Graylog v2.3.

As we’ve mentioned in previous release notes, the two main features in Graylog v2.3 are support for Elasticsearch 5 and Lookup Tables. If you are interested to see a first version of the new features, please download the new release candidate and let us know if you have any feedback or run into problems. You can report bugs and any other issues in our GitHub issue tracker.

Thank you!


Please check out the 2.3.0-alpha.2 blog post for details on the new Elasticsearch 5 support and the new Lookup Tables feature.


Download Graylog v2.3.0-rc.2:


Below are the changes we made in v2.3.0-rc.2 since Graylog v2.3.0-rc.1:


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