Today we are officially releasing Graylog v3.1.1

This release brings a whole new AWS Kinesis/CloudWatch Input to Graylog. The new input guides the user through the setup process and performs validation checks along the way. It also supports an automated CloudWatch Logs to Kinesis Streams setup, eliminating the complexity of manual setup.

Please read on for detailed descriptions of each feature.


Please report bugs and any other issues in our GitHub issue tracker. Thank you!


New: AWS Kinesis/CloudWatch Input

Gather your AWS CloudWatch log messages into Graylog though a Kinesis stream.


Many organizations are relying even more on external could infrastructures to run their organization.  While this method takes the burden of hardware management off your plate, you do loose some control and visibility of the infrastructure so Amazon AWS created CloudWatch to monitor your resources and applications in real time.


Graylog’s Input into AWS will help set up your connection in a few easy steps, and will help create the Kinesis stream if you do not have one created already.  Documentation is in the setup wizard showing the needed permissions for setup.


Come check out the new AWS input in both the Enterprise and Open Source editions!


Starting the Kinesis setup wizard will let you select from the streams you have, or create a new one if needed.


See the progress of the automated setup, and ensure it was successful.


Watch a video of setting this up with the developer here!

Let us know what you’d like to have included in our GitHub issue tracker.

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