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Yellow Dog Networks, Inc. to Sell Graylog Enterprise


Houston, TX — February 28, 2020 — Graylog today announced a partnership with Yellow Dog Networks. This partnership will provide Yellow Dog’s customers with a flexible and comprehensive centralized log management platform to optimize their Security Information & Event Management and Network Security Monitoring tech stacks to be more effective and efficient at a lower total cost.

“This is a great partnership,” says Fritz Maxwell, Chief Revenue Officer at Graylog. “Yellow Dog Networks brings expertise and focus to providing security solutions for large government, enterprise, and service provider organizations in the Midwest.”

“We love the flexibility of Graylog and how it can be set to consume any and all log data from our customer’s IT environment,” says Chris D’Amore, Cybersecurity Practice Manager. “With Graylog, our customers will be able to incorporate the threat intelligence feed of their choice, enrich log data with information from AD and physical security systems, and easily meet their compliance mandates for log review and retention.”

Together we can ensure our customers are

  • Driving operational costs down while improving security
  • Able to get the answers they need from their logs in time to make a real difference in threat detection, threat hunting, incident handling, and forensics analysis
  • Extracting the maximum value from the gigabytes-to-terabytes of logs they collect daily

About Graylog: Graylog is purpose-built and designed to deliver the most comprehensive and flexible log management solution on the market. Able to cost-effectively consume all structured machine data, the Graylog architecture provides considerably faster analysis speeds — even at scale.  The Graylog centralized log management platform enables our customers to lower operational costs, easily explore their data, get answers nearly instantly, and empower non-technical users to get value from log data.

About Yellow Dog Networks :Yellow Dog Networks is a company devoted to helping IT leaders get the most out of technology. They see technology and information as the great equalizer for businesses on the move. Yellow Dog allows you to compete more aggressively and be more innovative through the products we offer along with our expert advisory, whiteboarding, and roadmap services.

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