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Graylog’s Jim Nitterauer Offers New Insights into Cybersecurity Hygiene in CPO Magazine

“Rebooting Your Cybersecurity Hygiene: Best Practices to Combat Miscommunication”  |  CPO Magazine  |  May 28, 2023


Published in CPO Magazine on May 28, 2023, Jim Nitterauer shares transformative strategies for mid-sized enterprises (MSEs) to bolster cybersecurity hygiene and combat miscommunication.

  • The article illustrates the unique challenges MSEs face in managing cybersecurity amid rapid digital transformation.
  • It emphasizes the shared responsibility between IT, DevOps teams, and end-users in mitigating data breaches and maintaining a strong security posture.


Key takeaways from the article:

  • The importance of a ‘shared responsibility’ approach, treating end-users as customers to establish better cyber hygiene roles across the organization.
  • Meeting with stakeholders, learning their goals, and understanding the company’s objectives can shape better IT and security strategies.
  • Regular communication fosters trust, encourages feedback, and helps set the stage for forthcoming projects.
  • Regularly delivering security awareness training and implementing automation can instill better habits, even when projects impact end-users.
  • Building a better cyber hygiene mindset takes regular communication, treating end-users as customers and partners, and, ultimately, fostering a proactive security mindset.


Read the full article “Rebooting Your Cybersecurity Hygiene: Best Practices to Combat Miscommunication“ for more in-depth strategies and insightful discussions here.



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