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Graylog’s CEO Explains the Importance of Securing APIs to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk

Houston, TX – 9 September 2022 – Most companies are in some form of a hybrid style workforce. Being able to deal with a more distributed, remote workforce is one of the drivers accelerating digital transformation, but it has security implications. This fundamental shift in how employees work is a permanent change, leading to a resurgent interest in zero trust architectures. Increased Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption that enables business operations creates interconnected, complex environments. With this expanded attack surface, organizations need to focus on securing APIs to mitigate cybersecurity risk. 


 In this Security Boulevard article penned by CEO Andy Grolnick, Andy helps IT leaders understand:


  • The intersection of hybrid work and API security
  • The challenges arising from the proliferation of security solutions
  • The way that the cybersecurity talent gap exacerbates these problems
  • Solving these problems by getting back to fundamentals

Read the full article here:
Your APIs Have No Clothes