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Graylog’s CEO Addresses Security Implications & Solutions for the New Distributed Remote Workforce

“Distributed Remote Workforce and Security Implications”  |  CPO Magazine  |  July, 11, 2022


Last year’s cybersecurity strategies weren’t built for today’s world. Not only are IT leaders facing more complex attacks, the shift towards remote workforces creates an increasingly distributed and challenging threat ecosystem. The latest Thales Data Threat Report shows that 79% of IT decision makers are concerned about remote security risks as employees gain more power over their environment and leaders lose direct control over day-to-day cybersecurity decisions.


In a recent CPO Magazine article, Andy Grolnick, CEO at Graylog, helps IT leaders understand the cybersecurity implications of the remote workforce and strategies to minimize risk including:


  • The shift from inside the perimeter to outside the perimeter thinking
  • Fostering security awareness among remote workers
  • The need to validate software, device, services, and tools globally
  • Remote workforce impacts on compliance and regulated goods


Read the full article here: Distributed Remote Workforce and Security Implications



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