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SecurityInfoWatch.com: Graylog Discusses Business & Security Challenges during Inflationary Cycles

“Business and Security Challenges During Inflationary Cycles”  |  SecurityInfoWatch.com  |  January 25, 2022


The most significant threat in today’s business world is the need for companies to cut costs amidst unprecedented economic uncertainty while maintaining effective top-notch security measures in a world of increased security risks.

As businesses faced increased ransomware and many other security threats in 2021 and 2022, the mantra was often to buy the newest and flashiest tools such, as XDR. Fast forward to what few saw coming – inflation and a shifting economy. Now companies must consolidate security efforts and cut costs yet keep their data and information safe. Se
curity teams should look inward rather than outward.


In a recent SecurityInfoWatch.com article, Joe Gross, Director of Solutions Engineering at Graylog, discusses considerations for building a security discipline and strategy that makes sense for their business needs and budget, including:


  • Get back to basics – from patching to threat response – how to get it done with less 
  • Activities that optimize security with minimum technology
  • Invest in people, not technology 
  • In security, re-evaluating security analyst skill sets often bring the highest return on investment. 
  • Reinvest technology spending into people, giving them the skills and training that enable them to write better protection rules, more effectively analyze data, and enhance overall security


Read the full article here: Business and security challenges during inflationary cycles



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