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Data Overload & Industry Standards: Mark Brooks’ Analysis in Network Computing

“How To Navigate The Lack Of Industry Standards & Data Overload”  |  Network Computing.com  |  October 08, 2022


It’s hard to achieve alignment in cybersecurity when we’re all reading from different pages. There are abundant data to collect but no common protocols or outputs. We want to detect all the threats, yet our IT teams are burning out from alert fatigue. And why does every vendor redefine how SIEM, SOAR, and XDR work?


Standardization is a must, argues Mark Brooks, Chief Customer Success Officer at Graylog. His recent article published on Network Computing.com makes the case for clarity and consistency within cybersecurity programs, along with the steps to get there:


Key takeaways from the article include:


  • The importance of standardizing the information model for normalizing log data forms the foundation of a robust security program​.
  • The need for leadership to prioritize standardization and define the information model to ensure the effective integration of new technologies​.
  • The benefits of choosing flexible tools and platforms based on a pre-defined information model to enhance visibility and avoid costly modifications​.
  • The role of regular incident response exercises in refining processes and validating toolsets​.
  • Clear and consistent communications are necessary to foster collaboration and efficient incident response​.
  • The strategy of starting at the technical level to build a cybersecurity stack that offers visibility as the solution, enabling the detection of abnormal activity in the environment​.


We encourage you to read the full article to gain a deeper understanding of these issues and learn from Mark Brooks’ extensive experience. Read More.



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